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5Dimes Casino: High Payouts, No Bonuses

While it doesn't offer the flashiest graphics or the most lucrative bonus offerings, 5Dimes Casino has a lot to offer online gamblers. Sometimes, you access the same casino despite the fact that you're not achieving much. It's better to rely on reviewed casino sites that are listed on the website. The guide will also provide you with some tips that are necessary for advancement. It also offers one of the best sports betting sites in the world.

Basics and Payouts

5Dimes Casino is certified by Certified Fair Gaming (CFG). When it comes to its sportsbook, the venue often has odds of -105 or better, compared to most sportsbooks with betting odds of -110. It offers one of the highest payouts available at online casinos, in fact. On a winning roulette bet on high or low, odds or even and red or black, the establishment pays 1.07x the stake. Baccarat pays 1.01x on winning player bets, and blackjack has higher payouts with the rules that players love to see. The house advantage on any game, no matter what you wager, is less than 1%.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This exciting venue also offers 10 versions of Caribbean Stud Poker. One of the lowest house advantages comes with Great Five Bonus Caribbean Stud, which carries a 0.491% advantage, but you should know that it's a tougher game to beat. If you're looking for something a little easier, try Full Pay Bonus, which has a 0.493% house advantage. One of the downsides to 5Dimes is that it doesn't offer any progressive jackpot games. Other Caribbean Stud Poker variations include Dropped Credit Straight Flush Bonus Caribbean Stud, which offers a better jackpot than some of the progressive jackpots found in Vegas.


5Dimes Casino has some pretty serious betting limits. The tables have a $1 minimum and a $100 maximum. When it comes to the ante, raising a $100 max bet means you're wagering $300 per hand. Another issue mentioned earlier is that 5Dimes does not offer bonuses as they focus on higher payouts on winning bets.

Advanced gamblers who love the games and know how to play well are sure to win big at 5Dimes. However, if you're looking for lots of flash and bonuses, you should look elsewhere.