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Sic Bo Tips

Despite the fact that sic bo is a game of chance-there are certain advise that you will need before you beginning playing the game for money. Below are some of the instructions and advices.

Advice & Tips on How to Play Sic Bo

As discussed earlier, sic bo is a game of chance- the only thing you ca do is to wish luck fall on you. Despite of all this, you need some instructions before playing the game for money or entertainment in Las Vegas or online casinos.


1. First instruction Placing your bet on the SMALL is the best decision to make. It pays odd of 1:1. It has only 2.76% house edge. Another bet is the BIG which has a house edge of 12.76%.

2. The second instruction There is no waging strategy that can outwit house edge- at the end the casino will emerge victorious and this is a constant fact. There is no gambling strategy that earns you profits.

3. The third Instruction Before you start playing you should examine the pay table because to see the different payments of the table. This is because different casinos offer different odds on the same bet type in sic bo.

4. The fourth instruction Avoid as much as possible placing a bet on a house edge that is very high. One of the example of a bet that has a higher house edge is that which has a score of 5 and pays an odd of 1:18 in various casinos. The house edge of this bet is 47.22%. still there are some casinos that have a minimal reduced rate on the same but are not good at all. Avoiding placing wagers on this kinds of bets as they will cost you a lot of money. Always choose the SMALL and BIG bets as they are the best bets.