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Playtech Gambling Games

Casino software giant Playtech has a reputation for introducing the most exciting and innovative casino games on the web. Many of the most popular Playtech Gambling Games exhibit a number of totally unique special features that really help Playtech distinguish itself from the hundreds of other software companies out there.

Live Casinos

One of the newest features to emerge in Playtech gambling games is the option of a live casino version. While most online players are familiar with the fully automated casino games run by random number generators, Playtech's live casino games reintroduce a personal element in the only gaming experience. Players sign in to find live dealers connected by webcam technology. They use actual decks of cards and actually communicate with the player, making the whole experience much more dynamic and exciting.

Bonus Features

Several of the Playtech gambling games also have special bonus features hidden in the games. A lucky spin in a slots game can unlock a secret adventure game, expanding the theme of the slots into something more. Several jackpot games also have a progressive option, where players can qualify for even larger winnings. Playtech also regularly offers special promotional deals, giving players access to new beta games or bonus deposits.

Playtech gambling games are known as some of the best in a market full of high quality games. By adding these unique special features, Playtech manages to stay just ahead of the crowd, giving customers exactly what they want in an online casino experience.